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Artistic and pedagogical strategies in the network society

Emiel Heijnen / 2014

[Dieser Text wird 2016/17 freigeschaltet. Sie finden ihn bis dahin im Reader Nr. 2 auf S. 120.]

Caption: IVES.One is a street artist from Amsterdam. I interviewed him in 2011. He has never studied art, but learned everything as part of the graffiti scene. In 2009 he was planning to make a stencil of Michael Jackson holding hands with a small boy. When Jackson suddenly died, IVES.one decided not to use this critical image but to honor him through a stencil of the young Michael. This image received a great deal of publicity and still appears in the public space of Amsterdam.

Caption: I interviewed Mexican artist José Antonio Vega Macotela in 2012. Time Divisa (Time Currency) is the exchange project Vega Macotela realized in collaboration with the male inmates of the overpopulated Santa Martha Acatila prison in Mexico City. Over a period of four years, Vega Macotela visited the prison weekly, encouraging the prisoners to participate in a time exchange experiment. The artist offered to perform tasks for the inmates outside the prison and in return they would have to complete small assignments for Vega Macotela. The project consists of extensive documentation of objects, drawings and photos. This photo shows a prisoner who Vega Macotela asked to mark each scar on his body with an explanation of its origins. In return Vega Macotela attended the birthday of the prisoner’s mother.

Emiel Heijnen

(*1970) is a Dutch art/media educator and researcher. He is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts and at the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands. He has taught arts and design courses in public schools and initiated national education projects like MediaCulture and Remix Culture. His research and teaching focuses on art education, visual- and media culture and curriculum design.


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