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Voina, Alexey Plutser-Sarno / 2008

The Manifesto is made up of a selection of the right-wing radicals’ comments to the Voina actions.

Contemporary Art
– Contemporary art is a spit into the face of normal people.
– Contemporary art insults our dignity and perverts juveniles.
– Contemporary art is an idiotic company of dishonest fanatics with a weird ideology.Contemporary art is a wild porno for wretched freaks.Contemporary art is a gathering of pederasts and lesbians!Contemporary art is a vomitive fuck.Contemporary art is a shit-eating!Contemporary art destroys morality, evolutional potential of humanity, destroys chastity and family, and mankind.
– Contemporary art is a dick without head. The dick of contemporary art means nothing in compare with the dick of Michelangelo’s David. It is no more than weak attempts.Contemporary art is a cheap stuff. Fake and bullshit. It’s incredible that people still react to this kind of miserable experiment.

Contemporary Artist
– Contemporary artists are a sensual mould, which eats up and smacks social reality.
– Contemporary artists are mutants, a batch of moral monsters and degenerates.
– Contemporary artists are stupid whores and brainless morons!Contemporary artists are cattle and brutes.Contemporary artists are pig-fuckers!Contemporary artists spoiled everything! Museums, temples, icons, belief, people’s dignity and moral. The only thing contemporary artist is able to do is to defecate in the museum. I’m sick of such art.
– Contemporary artists are idiots, schizophrenics, hysteric men and deviant persons. They are to be kept in mental hospital.
– Contemporary artists are a batch of idiots and block-heads, who spoil the reputation of the country.
– Contemporary artists are enemies. They took away bright dream from everybody. They doomed the whole nation to slavery. I’d like to send them to mines. Contemporary artists are the shit of the nation!Contemporary artists are fucking freaks. I’d like to burn them in the blast furnaces or crush them with a heavy caterpillar tractor. We have way too many fucking premature bustards! Morons are now to be called artists. Eat shit! You better kill yourselves in full view of everybody. It will be more useful.
– Shoot all contemporary artists. Only then the motherland will gain peace and order. If it won’t help, the procedure should be repeated. 

Goals and objectives of the Art-Group Voina
1. Creation of innovative topical media-art-language, which is producing for pure art, but not for a money. It is mean language, which is adequate for today’s cultural and socio-political context, which is can show actual of the new epoch. Creating of real left front of art in Russia in traditions of futurism and DADA, which is radically shift all ideological poles by the facts of its being. Rebirth of political protest art all over the world.
2. Creation of political street-art in Russia in the best traditions of absurdity and sarcasm, of carnival middle-age art. Creation of image of artist as romantic hero, who prevail over the evil in today’s soulless commercial conceptual art. Rebirth of lively expressive art, which is sincere and honest and provoking observers’ deep emotional experience.
3. War with “werewolves in straps“ for the freedom of contemporary art. War with socio-political obscurantism and ultra-right reaction. Subversion and destruction of outdated repressive-patriarchal socio-political symbols and ideologies. 

The author of the Voina Group manifesto – A. Plutser-Sarno, group ideologist and chief media artist 

[Dieser Text findet sich im Reader Nr. 1 auf S. 586.]

[Es sind keine weiteren Materialien zu diesem Beitrag hinterlegt.]


ist eine revolutionistische Künstlergruppe, die 2005 von Oleg Vorotnikov und Natalia Sokol gegründet wurde. Am 25. Juni 2006 schloss sich Alexey Plutser-Sarno der Gruppe an. Die Gruppe lehnt die Zusammenarbeit mit russischen Kuratoren, Galeristen sowie staatlichen und privaten Institutionen aus Prinzip ab. 2010/2011 wurden Vorotnikov und Nikolayev für dreieinhalb Monate inhaftiert. Nachdem der Künstler Banksy sich für sie eingesetzt hatte, wurden sie freigelassen. Über 20 Prozesse sind bereits gegen die Gruppe angestrengt worden, die Aktivisten wurden dutzendfach verhaftet und durchsucht. Zur Zeit steht Voina auf der internationalen Liste gesuchter Verbrecher. Web: http://plucer.livejournal.com/66520.html


Alexey Plutser-Sarno


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