Selma Holo

(*1943) Professor of Art History, is the Director of the USC (University of Southern California) Fisher Museum of Art and of its International Museum Institute. She earned her PhD in Art History from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a specialization in Goya. Her current research interests are in the field of museology, especially in the relationship of museums and society. Her books, Beyond the Prado, Museums and Identity in Democratic Spain and Oaxaca at the Crossroads, Managing Memory, Negotiating Change, both published by the Smithsonian Institution Press, demonstrated the links between museums and profound cultural transformation. Beyond the Turnstile, Making the Case for Museums and Sustainable Values, argues compellingly that a museum’s success can (and should) be plotted and evaluated by qualitative values as well as quantifiable ones. Her next book, Re-Mix/Panarchy will be published by the University of California Press, and will change the conversation museums have among themselves.

217 · Multiculturalism and the Art Museum: an Interdependent Relationship