Mary Drinkwater

(*1955) holds a PhD in educational theory, policy studies and comparative international and development education from OISE/University of Toronto. Her work as a vice-principal in an urban school in Ontario, Canada became the seed for her doctoral research and dissertation entitled ”Democratizing and decolonizing education: A role for the arts and cultural praxis: Lessons from Maasailand, southern Kenya“. Her work seeks to challenge and disrupt colonial-Eurocentric and neoliberal notions of the arts and cultural praxis to open possibilities for their contribution to democratic and socially transformative education. She has written, published and presented at numerous international conferences and is editor of two books: Engaging Children: Creatively and Critically (2013) and Beyond textual literacy: Visual literacy for creative and critical inquiry (2011). She curates a Scoopit website called ”Arts & Democracy: Critical & creative engagement through the arts for social transformation”.

197 · Radical Educational Policy: Critical democratic pedagogy and the reinfusion of the arts in secondary schools