María Acaso

(*1970) is a professor of Art Education and director of the line of research on education in visual arts museums at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid. Since the beginning of her training at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid she has been convinced that the current education system is outdated and in need of an urgent change of paradigm. She is a member of the group „Invisible Pedagogies“ and director of the „Escuela de Educación Disruptiva“ and author of a number of books such as: rEDUvolution: hacer la revolución en la educación (2013), Pedagogías invisibles: El espacio del aula como discurso (2012), La educación artística no son manualidades (2009), Esto no son las Torres Gemelas (2006).

179 · From Art Education to artEducation: making the education revolution into the visual arts teaching arena
Q171: »If visual art education is not transformed in an area of contemporary knowledge, its own obsolescence will eliminate it.«