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Altermodern Art Education

Talita Groenendijk, Marike Hoekstra / 2014

[Dieser Text wird 2016/17 freigeschaltet. Sie finden ihn bis dahin im Reader Nr. 2 auf S. 109.]

[Es sind keine weiteren Materialien zu diesem Beitrag hinterlegt.]

Talita Groenendijk

(*1979) studied education in art and anthropology. After teaching art in secondary education she started a PhD project about observational learning in art education which was finished in 2012. Subsequently, she has worked on research projects about media literacy, altermodern art education, assessment in art education and writing in secondary education. Currently she works as a researcher at the University of Amsterdam and as a teacher/researcher at the Amsterdam School of the Arts.


Marike Hoekstra

(*1966) is an artist-teacher-researcher. She holds MAs in Russian Literature and Art Education. She published on the artist teacher (2009, 2010) and on Altermodern Art Education (2012). She works as a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Art in Education at the Amsterdam School of the Arts and at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. Currently Marike studies for the degree of MPhil/PhD at the Faculty of Education & Children’s Services at Chester University. Her PhD research concerns the implications of the artist teacher on democratic pedagogical practice.


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Bourriaud, Nicolas  ·  Deleuze, Gilles  ·  Groenendijk, Talita  ·  Hoekstra, Marike  ·  Klatser, Robert