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Imagination Manifesto / 2012

We believe in the civic imagination, or imagination for the common good. Our filter is practical – or applied – creativity.
We believe in the collective, cumulative and collaborative process of invention. The civic imagination concerns everyone and is accessible to us all. In our opinion, ingenuity is a necessary condition for social engagement.

We believe in a pragmatic definition of creativity, one that can be easily applied to social issues at a local and human level. For example, in response to climate change, a problem seen by many as too large and abstract, we prefer a finer granularity (collective transportation, sustainable habitat, etc …). We believe that this granularity makes creative initiatives more spontaneous and functional.

We believe in stories narrated by anonyms: individuals, collectives of citizens, associations, businesses, who invent, test and perfect on-the-ground, ingenious and often modest solutions that never make it to the media. Imagination for people is, in its way, a mechanism for unearthing ideas & insights and making them meaningful.

We believe in the virtue of pilot projects: our heroes are those individuals who attempt, everywhere on earth, to develop local solutions with an entrepreneurial spirit. These are doers, first and foremost.

We believe in creative acupuncture. For us, this means selecting symbolic projects of often modest size that help move us all forward by enhancing how we live together.

We believe in Romain Rolland’s formulation, which we adapt and adopt: “to join the pessimism of experience with the optimism of invention.”

We believe in transdisciplinarity, which in our opinion means a unique, counter-intuitive, disarming, provoking and transgressive approach. We believe in building bridges: architecture meets health, finance meets the social sphere, design meets ecology ….

We believe in humour, which is vital to a free spirit. Humour is an active and liberating form of imagining. IP aspires to be a fun platform, one that can mobilize and excite people.

We believe in the need for a transition space that helps us all move from civic imagination to civic action, from inspiration to perspiration.

We believe in the necessity to invent new terms around social innovation. This requires a renewed alphabet, the ability to connect apparently unrelated issues and to proceed by inspiring associations. We call this capacity the imaginative paths, to which we dedicate Imagination for People.

Das Manifest erschien zuerst online unter: http://imaginationforpeople.org/fr/discover-ip/manifeste/ [25.03.2013].

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Imagination Manifesto

Imagination for People (I4P) ist ein globales Netzwerk von Leuten, die an die soziale Wirkung der Kreativität glauben. Die Mitte 2011 lancierte Webplattform bringt viele internationale Projekte, Leute und ihr kreatives Potential zusammen. Web: http://imaginationforpeople.org/de/


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